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alpha Kappa Delta Phi was established in the fall of 1997 at Baylor University. Since then, alpha Kappa Delta Phi has grown into one of the largest multicultural sorority on campus and remained the only Asian interest sorority. The sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi at Baylor University do their utmost to be the most engaged and active through service, leadership and academics on campus and in the Waco community, establishing a strong Asian root within the Baylor and Waco communities.

Why aKDPhi?


Upcoming events


10/1-31 - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

10/10 - Pink Drink Sale | 11am-3pm

10/13 - Bump, Set, Cure | 2pm-6pm

10/25 - Girls Love Mail Workshop | 10am-12pm


11/1 - VSA Autumn Moon

11/8 - ASA AsianFest


3/23 - Elenista Lam (Alpha Theta)

3/28 - Emma Yambert (Alpha Eta)


5/06 - Madisyn Puangco (Alpha Theta)

5/21 - Erin Mims (Alpha Eta)

5/23 - Jennie Nguyen (Alpha Eta)

5/30 - Valerie Nguyen (Alpha Theta)


6/23 - Ashley Lee (Alpha Theta)


9/12 - Kayle Nguyen (Alpha Zeta)

9/18 - Erika Chen (Alpha Eta)


Southwest Sisterhood Retreat


Congratulations to Elizabeth Keomanikhoth and our four newly crossed sisters! We're very proud of all your accomplishments thus far, and are excited to have you join our sisterhood. We cannot wait to see all that you accomplish from here!

Spring 2019

Alpha Theta Class

#120 Elenista “ELLE” Lam
#121 Ashley “Togepi” Lee
#122 Valerie “eVe” Nguyen
#123 Madisyn “princess_CHIhiro” Puangco


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